Khazar University Announces Scholarships for International Applicants!

Khazar University announces the Merit Scholarship for distinguished international applicants who wish to pursue bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees at Khazar.

The aim of Khazar University scholarships is to encourage and support candidates with excellent academic performance from all over the world to study at Khazar University, a leading private university of Azerbaijan that offers quality education in the English language.

Khazar University Merit Scholarships. These scholarships cover 75%, 50%, or 25% of the tuition fee on a competitive basis. Initially awarded for one year, the scholarship is subject to prolongation for the next academic year depending on the academic performance of the student.

Khazar University provides a limited number of merit-based scholarships. The applicant does not need to apply for a scholarship – if eligible, Khazar University will notify the applicant in the Offer of Admission. If offered, the scholarship will be reviewed on the annual basis by an appointed academic panel at Khazar University and may be extended for the next year of study, provided that the student’s academic performance is considered up to its level.

Please visit How to Apply to check the admission requirements and application procedure!

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