The Land of Fire is an ancient Azerbaijani cultural concept that denoted either the entire Azerbaijan’s geographical land or the metaphysical realm of mortals, and later became associated with political sovereignty and cultural symbolism.

These are places recommended to visit while in Azerbaijan.

  1. Mud Volcanoes of Azerbaijan
  2. Musical Stone of Gobustan
  3. Bottle House of Ganja
  4. Ateshgah Fire Temple
  5. Palace of the Shaki Khans
  6. Hiking to Beshbarmak mountain
  7. Shirvan National park
  8. Shahdag National Park
  9. Chiraq Qala, Gelersen-Görersen Medieval Fortresses
  10. Gabala – Lahic
  11. Gabala-Mucuq waterfall
  12. Krasnaya Sloboda Jewish town
  13. Caspian Sea beaches
  14. Hirkan National Park
  15. Lake Goygol

More information on travelling in Azerbaijan can be found at AzerbaijanTravel

*Some visiting sites require special garments and hiking equipment.

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