Undergraduate Admission

Nationals of other countries can directly apply to the University from their home countries. Different documents may be required for nationals of different countries,  therefore prospective international students should contact the International Affairs Office for details. IB Admission Policy Students with IB diplomas (http://www.ibo.org/) are welcome to apply to Khazar. Students who are still completing their final year of the IB program may apply, and will be considered for admission if they have predicted scores of 28 or higher. IB Diploma Scholarship Khazar University recognizes that students who have earned the IB diploma are ideally prepared for university studies. Applicants to all Khazar University undergraduate programs who have successfully completed the IB diploma with a score of 28 or higher are given a scholarship covering their full tuition for one semester during their studies at Khazar University. Applicants with scores of 36-40 are given a scholarship covering their full tuition for one year (two semesters). Applicants with scores of 41 or higher are given a full scholarship covering their tuition during their whole bachelor degree program.