How much is the tuition fee for international students?

The tuition fee is 5000 USD  per year.

As an international student, how do I apply for a student visa?

You must apply for a student visa at Azerbaijan Embassy or Consulate in your home country. If you do not have an embassy in your home country you may ask the International Affairs Office to help you to find the right embassy to apply.

As applying for a visa can take time (often a month or more), depending on the country, you should apply for the visa at least a month before your planned arrival.

What is the medium of instruction at the university?

The medium of instruction at Khazar University is English.

How can I submit documents for admission?

You may send documents by postal service or send scanned copies by email. However, electronic submissions are highly encouraged.

How can I get information regarding academic programs?

You can find the information through the Khazar University website under the Academics tab

When should I arrive at Khazar University?

The last date to arrive is September 7.

How do I find accommodation?

Please be aware that the university does not cover rental fees for housing. The International Affairs Office will help you find suitable housing on an individual basis.

Can I work while studying?

The student visa allows you to study in a full time program. This means that you cannot work.

How can I extend my visa during my study at the university?

You should obtain a student visa valid for 1-3 months before your arrival. A month before the expiration of your visa you will apply for a residence permit which will enable you to live in the country for six months or a year. The International Affairs Office will assist you in receiving the residence permit (“migration card”).