Full Scholarship for Postgraduate Female Students


The Nailekhanim Foundation, Azerbaijan, offers full scholarship for gifted female students from all countries determined to pursue Master and/or Doctoral degrees at Khazar University.

The Nailakhanim Foundation is a non-for-profit Foundation in memory of Nailekhanim Isayeva, co-founder of Dunya School and Khazar University.  Nailekhanim was a renowned educator whose vision and energy shaped the development of Dunya School and Khazar University.  The Foundation is set up to commemorate her passion and commitment to education.   

The Foundation is fully supported by Khazar University and Nailekhanim’s family members and friends. 


Motivated female applicant who has a strong commitment to her chosen field and passion for higher education and research.

Benefits to each Recipient

The Nailekhanim Foundation scholarship covers the following:

-Annual tuition fee

-Dormitory fees

-Monthly stipend

-One round-trip transportation cost

Selection Process

The Scholarship Selection Committee is responsible for the selection of the best suitable candidates.  

Selection Criteria

-Demonstrate an academic merit determined by the university Scholarship Selection Committee.

-A strong motivational essay on female leadership relating their field of study.

-A candidate has to meet English language requirements.

-Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by an expert panel of the Scholarship Selection Committee before a scholarship is awarded.

Additional Information

Further information: http://international.khazar.org/how-to-apply/

For more information, please contact Assoc. Prof. Saida Sharifova at: saida.sharifova@khazar.org

Foreign students of Khazar University in Karabakh

Predict Mutepfe from Zimbabwe (PhD student)
Ahmed Imtiaz from Pakistan (Master student)

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan organized a visit of foreign students studying in Azerbaijan to the liberated Jabrayil and Fizuli districts. 40 foreign students from 16 universities representing 31 countries have attended the visit. 2 foreign students from Khazar University also attended the visit. During the visit, the ancient mosque, the newspaper editorial office, the old cemetery in Fizuli region, Khudaferin bridge, hydroelectric power station, “Friendship spring”, “Ancient plane tree”, summer cinema in Jabrayil region were visited and the ruins were demonstrated in the cities. Then a meeting was held with soldiers and officers serving in the Jabrayil region.

During the visit, the large state flag of Azerbaijan was unveiled by foreign students, and the slogan “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” was chanted.

A special issue “Karabakh is Azerbaijan” of “Nargis” magazine dedicated to the culture and history of Karabakh was presented to foreign students to convey the importance of Karabakh for Azerbaijan, the history and rich cultural heritage of the region to the world community.

Meet Khazar University International Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are to be the voice to Khazar University; helping build and strengthen the University community. They will represent the university at various events, as well as provide a conduit between the departments and staff to communicate directly with students. We encourage current and future students to connect with our ambassadors as it is one of the best ways to learn about Khazar University and their experiences.

Name: Mohammad Ali Mofleh Al Qudah

Country: Jordan

Program of study: PhD in Computer Science

Email: mohammad.ali@khazar.org

Name: Luke Alamu Adepoju

Country: Ghana

Program of study: Ms. Computer Science: Systems and Computer Networks

Email: luke.adepoju@khazar.org

Name: Oluwaseyi Sodiya

Country: Nigeria

Program of study: PhD in Educational Management

Email: oluwaseyi.sodiya@khazar.org

Name: Namaa Alhafez

Country: Syria

Program of study: MBA in Marketing 

Email: namaa.alhafez@khazar.org

Name: Abebe Gule Girma

Country: Ethiopia

Program of study: PhD in Economics 

Email: girma.abebe@khazar.org

Name: Mutaz Abu Hashish

Country: Palestine

Program of study: PhD in Computer Engineering

Email: mutaz.mohammed@khazar.org

Name: Hamayoon Mohammad

Country: Afghanistan 

Program of study: PhD in Organization and Management of Enterprise

Email: mohamma.hamayoon@khazar.org 

Name: Mudasir Ali Rind 

Country: Pakistan

Program of study: PhD in Educational Management

Email: mudasir.ali@khazar.org

Khazar students visited the Military Trophies Park

On May 4, 2021, more than 70 students (from 49 countries) from 29 higher education institutions, including 3 students from Khazar University, visited the Military Trophies Park. During the visit, the students were informed in detail about the 44-day Karabakh War by the guides and representatives of the Ministry of Education, and were acquainted with the techniques used by Armenians against the civilian population and our soldiers. Students from Khazar University gave interviews to Azerbaijan State Television and other news agencies about their impressions.

Luke Adepoju Alamu (Khazar student)

 “As I explored the Militay Trophies park with my fellow international students from Khazar University and other Universities within Azerbaijan, I was happy and filled with excitement. But as happy as I was to witness an open display of military equipment in a miniature construct of the combat environment, I tried to re-live and imagine the plight of the fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price to ensure justice and territorial reclamation for Azerbaijan Republic. I realized how it also served as a painful reminder of the human and material cost of the conflict. I am glad the regions were liberated and returned to its rightful owners”.

“My Erasmus journey in Cadiz” – Aygun Rasulova

How my journey began: Hi, there! I’m Aygun. I am going to tell you about my Erasmus journey in Cadiz, Spain. Universidad de Cádiz is one of our university’s Erasmus+ partners and last semester when I saw a mobility call announcement for this university, I applied for it. After couple of selection stages I was entitled to have the opportunity of studying at Cadiz University for an entire semester. Once I received my invitation letter from the International office of UCA I started collecting the documents required for the visa application which was the most frustrating part for me. I arrived in Cadiz in the beginning of February and will stay here till the end of June. Cadiz University has couple of faculties located in different cities such as Puerto Real, Jerez etc. I am studying at Economics and Business faculty which is in the city of Cadiz itself.

About Cadiz: Now, let me give you brief information about the city of Cadiz. Cadiz is a small, historical city located in southwestern Spain. The city is situated in a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Cadiz is one of the most visited cities of Andalusian autonomy because of its fabulous beaches, historical vibe and pleasant climate. The locals here are so cheerful and friendly, fortunately, I didn’t have any trouble with getting used to living here. Until the beginning of April all my classes were online but recently, we have started having some face-to-face classes at the campus as well. The Covid-19 restrictions here aren’t so strict at the moment. The public places such as restaurants, cafes, museums, shopping centers etc. operates normally. The main restriction is with the traveling that it’s not allowed to visit cities in other provinces. Despite of the pandemic Erasmus Student Network holds activities such as volleyball matches at the beach, museum tours and other outdoor activities.

Costs of living: As for the cost of living in Cadiz I can say that the Erasmus+ grant is totally enough to fully enjoy the city. However, note that students receive the grant 3-4 weeks after their arrival to the host university. Till then all costs are born by the students themselves.

Some advice for future students: Generally, the only difficulty I am facing here is the language problem. Unfortunately, locals usually don’t speak English. So, a small tip from me is that you had better learn some Spanish before coming here.

All in all, I would say that this is a unique experience from which I have already gained a lot of things. I would recommend all the students considering Erasmus+ exchange program not to miss this lifetime chance and go for it. This experience will yield you a greater vision and knowledge and of course unforgettable memories.



PLATFORM project (Swedish Institute) organizes the web-based course “Conceptual Case-Study Modeling for Project Collaboration”

The University of Gothenburg, Sweden and Khazar University, partner institutes (including Khazar University) under the PLATFORM project (Swedish Institute) organizes the web-based course “Conceptual Case-Study Modeling for Project Collaboration” on May 3-19, 2021.

This web-based course introduces conceptual modeling tools to promote system understanding when dealing with complex issues, such as societal resource management where multiple disciplines, stakeholders and processes are involved. The overall aim of this course and this “system perspective” is to help initiate projects and bring together the actors that can jointly develop strategies for problem definition, appropriate methodology and project opportunities. The PLATFORM network will propose several case studies for development. This is a “hands-on” course, and the participants are expected to actively get involved in the development of one of the proposed case studies. All course participants will receive a certificate! The PLATFORM website provides more information.

Project homepage: https://kermitcooperation.wixsite.com/platform/methods-course

Contact: Prof. Rodney Stevens, Univ. Gothenburg, stevens@gvc.gu.se

If you are interested in participation or have any questions regarding this event please contact International Affairs Office of Khazar University international@khazar.org