Azerbaijan through the eyes of Mr. Juan Rodrigo Labardini Flores, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Mexican States to the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dear students, we invite you to the Instagram page of Mr. Ambassador (Instagram: @rodrigolabardini).

Mr. Ambassador: The photographs are a reflection of the journey that started with pictures I took of my son born 21 years ago. I liked the photographs because he is my son. But to be frank, deep inside me I knew the photographs were lacking several elements, composition, creativity, lighting, and many other issues. Starting at that time, I began the quest to find the perfect photo for my children. Ever since, I have been in this saga, making several mistakes, and learning the hard way. While there will always be opportunities to improve and develop a better picture, it all seems to come to fruition. You will see the results on my Instagram account (@rodrigolabardini). I am posting one picture daily, mainly from Azerbaijan, but there will be occasional pictures from other places I have visited during my life. The pictures of Azerbaijan are presented follow the general idea of “Azerbaijan, from within, from outside”, since I am currently living in Azerbaijan, but I am from outside. They present the same places and some new ones, but with a different air. Hence, they also portray the Azerbaijan that has surprised and amazed me, as I have seen and lived in a city that surpasses imagination, food that mesmerizes all of us and makes us want to savor more and to uncover the paths to views and life.


Sapienza University of Rome | Publons


Please find below ERASMUS+ Sapienza University’s application procedures for incoming students (1st semester 2021-2022).

ELIGIBILITY: Bachelor and Master students of Khazar University:

• Enrolled in a Khazar University undergraduate/graduate degree program at the time of application.
• Completed at least the first year of their studies at Khazar University.
• Have a cumulative GPA of 85 or higher.
• Have NO disciplinary sanctions within the past 6 months. Ph.D. students of Khazar University:
• Citizen of the Azerbaijani Republic or an International Student enrolled in a full-degree program at Khazar University.
• Enrolled in a Khazar University degree program at the time of application.
• Have completed at least the first year of their studies.
• Have NO disciplinary sanctions within the past 6 months. Language proficiency requirements:
• An intermediate level of English (i.e., Threshold level B2 or Higher of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Students can demonstrate their level of English with an official certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge) or alternative qualifications (i.e., certificate issued by the Home University, language centers/schools, etc.).

Submit your electronic application to the International Affairs Office:

Electronic submission: (subject line: Erasmus Plus Application – Your First Name and Last Name)

Deadline for sending the application is March 5, 2021.

Application forms:
Bachelor_Application_Erasmus_Feb 2021

Michael J. McInerney, Professor from University of Oklahoma Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, to Conduct Talks and Workshops

On March 1-5, 2021, Michael J. McInerney, Professor from the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma, USA, will deliver online talks and workshops on “Innovative Solutions to Waste Treatment and Energy Production Using Anaerobic Microorganisms”, with the support of Khazar University and Food Safety Institute of Azerbaijan. The workshops will cover such topics as the nutrition and physiology of anaerobes, biofuels, methane, hydrogen and alcohols, the process of microbial oil recovery, as well as the use of microorganisms to convert sewage and agricultural wastes to energy particularly methane and to clean-up contaminated sites. The main purpose of this training is to encourage local scientists and specialists to use microbiological processes for waste treatment and energy production.

Those wishing to participate in the training to register till February 20, 2021.

Registration link:

Maryam’s story

I am Maryam Adli, 2nd year of Ph.D. Student at Khazar University. I completed my BBA in Afghanistan and during the studies I have worked in Human Resources positions with USAID Projects and International Organizations. In addition, I studied Project Management Professionals (PMP) at the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) in 2015;

Then we moved to Baku, Azerbaijan with my family in 2016. I was searching for my further studies and fortunately found Khazar University Website then applied for an MBA of KUISP. Luckily, I got a full scholarship through the International Scholarship Program of Khazar University (2017). During my master’s program, I also applied to Mevlana Exchange Program and studied my 3rd Semester of MBA at Selcuk University in Turkey.  

After Master’s Thesis Defense (July 2019) I applied for Ph.D. Program at Khazar University and once again Successfully received the full Excellence Scholarship which was “A dream came true” 😍. So, I started my Ph.D. program in September 2019 under the supervision of Professor. Mahammad Nuriyev (Vice-Rector of KU) and co-supervision of Dr. Jeyhun Mammadov (Dean of the School of Economics and Management, KU). During my main Research, I published 2 Research papers in International Journals and the 3rd one is about to finish. Below you can find the links to my published papers:

I really appreciate Khazar University for providing such amazing opportunities for us to achieve our goals. 

Thanks a lot, 
Maryam AdliPhD. Student 

“Welcome to my country”

Dear Khazar students,

International Affairs Office is pleased to announce the launch of its new project called “Welcome to my country”.

You can make a video (10-15 mins). You may speak about culture, arts, heritage, nature, holidays, landmarks and, etc. This video can be made both as a team and individually. The videos will be posted on social media and the university’s website.

Be part of this exciting opportunity!

We hope to receive your videos soon.

You may send your videos to our e-mail address below:

Let us know if you have any questions

Internationalization Strategy

Khazar University

Internationalization Strategy


Founder’s welcome note

The Khazar University motto of “always leading the way” has a long history. Its conceptual blueprint was developed by defining its own character and based on the experience of the foremost higher education institutions of Europe and America. When the university opened its doors in early 1991, it became the first private university in the (Soviet) Republic of Azerbaijan, and in fact, in the entire former Soviet Union.

One of the distinguishing features of Khazar that sets it apart from its peer universities in Azerbaijan is its commitment to use English as the medium of instruction, preparing alumni to keep up with cutting edge developments in their fields as they go out into a rapidly globalizing world.

Khazar is more than just a university. It offers a life-long learning education, from preschool, primary and secondary school (via its affiliate “Dunya” School) all the way to PhD and post-doctorate studies. And even beyond being an educational institution, Khazar has created an environment that nourishes people’s love of knowledge and culture, whetting their desire to work and learn. Its atmosphere is a magnet attracting scholars and students to the joy of challenge and discovery.

Khazar has always been committed to academic freedom. It places a strong emphasis on international partnerships and programs, regularly participating in exchanges of students, scholars and instructors with universities around the world. The university also strives to cultivate a rich cultural life, encouraging the expression of both Azerbaijani and international traditions, values, and arts.


Hamlet Isaxanli

Khazar University Founder

Chairman of Board of Directors and Trustees


Khazar University is very committed to the enhancement of its global presence. Khazar is providing an exceptional, student-centered university education for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate level of studies.

The vision of the university is to become a world-class higher education institution, recognized for its excellence in education and research, as well as a wide-ranging partnership with the stakeholders on national and international levels.

Internationalization strategy of the university is deemed from the general strategy which aims to prepare students for global world. Internationalization provides the university with many opportunities to improve the quality of education and institutional reputation, to increase competitiveness, to contribute to the quality of research and brings financial benefits.

Internationalization is also a prerequisite for ensuring the sustainability and quality of teaching and research at the university. Cultivating a network of international relations allows Khazar University to boost the mobility of its staff and students, and to make the unique educational and research opportunities of Azerbaijan available to students and faculty abroad. Fostering international student and staff mobility is among internationalization priorities of Khazar University. Internationalization of students and staff expands the capacity of participants by receiving an opportunity

  • To gain first-hand experience in education and business environment, share with and learn from each other.
  • To foster research and develop research projects of mutual benefit and interest.
  • To create opportunities for intercultural understanding and dialogue, sharing of cultural experience.  
  • To establish long-term close individual and institutional connections which usually serve as a strong foundation for future projects and initiatives.

International History

The geography of Khazar’s international linkages covers North America, Asia and Europe.  Internationalization at Khazar University started right at its inception when project agreement was signed with the University of California in Los Angeles in 1992 with the support of US State Department. Strong international networking and academic relations have been developing under the framework of various international partnerships and development programs. At various stages of its development, Khazar University has focused on specific subject areas to gain successful experience and promote Khazar programs’ sustainability. The various fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Political Science and International Relations, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Business Administration, and Management have been given priority, so that academic programs in these fields have benefitted most from international affiliations.

Large number of Erasmus Mundus Credit Mobility Projects, and ERASMUS+ Capacity Building projects and many others open new opportunities for making improvements in curriculum development, personnel development, university-industry relations, quality assurance reviews, laboratory development, international linkages, and other initiatives. 

Khazar’s international reputation and close involvement in local and regional reforms qualifies it to take leading positions in global rankings. According to the QS World University Rankings 2017, Khazar University was placed in the 701-750 tier of the world’s best universities and was ranked number 1 university in Azerbaijan. EDUNIVERSAL Ranking 2017 Placed 2 Khazar University graduate programs among the best 10 in the region of Eurasia and the Middle East: MBA in Management; MBA in International Economics. EDUNIVERSAL Business Schools Ranking 2017, School of Economics and Management is among the top 1000 best Business Schools across 154 countries.

Key outcomes

In pursuing the goal of internationalization, we seek to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Internationalization of the student population
  2. Increasing the students exchange programmes
  3. Merit based scholarship program
  4. Increasing the number of KA1 projects to meet the needs of larger population of students
  • Internationalization of Research Cooperation
  • Increasing International Publications
  • Increasing International Conferences
  • Increasing participation in international conferences
  • Start participating in Horizon Europe 
  • Internationalization of Curriculum
  • Renewing the curriculum for embedding the latest European standards (mobility, complimentary skill development etc)
  • Increasing the number of ERASMUS+ KA 2 projects to improve curriculum development
  • Internationalization of the staff population
  • Increasing staff mobility
  • Increasing incoming staff exchange
  • Developing staff mobility recognition and reward program
  • Increasing the number of KA2 projects contributing to the university management system

International Strength

  • English as the main language of instruction
  • Curricula based on Western educational models
  • Student-centered credit-based system
  • Wide choice of language courses
  • Active participation in ERASMUS+ projects
  • Merit-based Scholarship Program
  • First university in Azerbaijan to receive an international project (1992)
  • Experienced in managing multinational educational projects