How my journey began: Hi, there! I’m Aygun. I am going to tell you about my Erasmus journey in Cadiz, Spain. Universidad de Cádiz is one of our university’s Erasmus+ partners and last semester when I saw a mobility call announcement for this university, I applied for it. After couple of selection stages I was entitled to have the opportunity of studying at Cadiz University for an entire semester. Once I received my invitation letter from the International office of UCA I started collecting the documents required for the visa application which was the most frustrating part for me. I arrived in Cadiz in the beginning of February and will stay here till the end of June. Cadiz University has couple of faculties located in different cities such as Puerto Real, Jerez etc. I am studying at Economics and Business faculty which is in the city of Cadiz itself.

About Cadiz: Now, let me give you brief information about the city of Cadiz. Cadiz is a small, historical city located in southwestern Spain. The city is situated in a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Cadiz is one of the most visited cities of Andalusian autonomy because of its fabulous beaches, historical vibe and pleasant climate. The locals here are so cheerful and friendly, fortunately, I didn’t have any trouble with getting used to living here. Until the beginning of April all my classes were online but recently, we have started having some face-to-face classes at the campus as well. The Covid-19 restrictions here aren’t so strict at the moment. The public places such as restaurants, cafes, museums, shopping centers etc. operates normally. The main restriction is with the traveling that it’s not allowed to visit cities in other provinces. Despite of the pandemic Erasmus Student Network holds activities such as volleyball matches at the beach, museum tours and other outdoor activities.

Costs of living: As for the cost of living in Cadiz I can say that the Erasmus+ grant is totally enough to fully enjoy the city. However, note that students receive the grant 3-4 weeks after their arrival to the host university. Till then all costs are born by the students themselves.

Some advice for future students: Generally, the only difficulty I am facing here is the language problem. Unfortunately, locals usually don’t speak English. So, a small tip from me is that you had better learn some Spanish before coming here.

All in all, I would say that this is a unique experience from which I have already gained a lot of things. I would recommend all the students considering Erasmus+ exchange program not to miss this lifetime chance and go for it. This experience will yield you a greater vision and knowledge and of course unforgettable memories.



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