Khazar University’s MBA candidate, Maryam Adli from Afghanistan, shared her experiences at Khazar with the staff of International Affairs Office as part of the Office’s “World and Khazar” project:

I was searching  good university to study my master’s degree and luckily I found Khazar University’s website to check the offered programs and scholarships. I was happy to find out that the University also offers MBA studies as I have always wanted to establish and manage my own business since childhood and my bachelor studies were also in business administration.

Khazar University MBA program offers a good opportunity for professionals to strengthen their knowledge and experience through a well-organized study process. Before starting my studies here I was working as an HR manager in a non-government organization in Afghanistan and my MBA studies provide me a great insight into the management of businesses and enterprises as well as managing human resources in private businesses which is essential for my future professional experience.

Class lecturers are very supportive and I am actually very satisfied with the quality of education here. Each subject provides a detailed journey to the world of business administration where we, as future professionals and managers, learn deeply the aspects, approaches, and practices in business management. My favorite subjects are Business communication, Human Resources management, and financial management as these subjects have enabled me to learn how to be confident in business negotiations, how to understand the customers’ needs, how to manage human resource performances and awards, and how to manage the budget of enterprises. Together with professional experience, I have been able to be engaged in research activities and learned to make surveys and data analysis. I am happy to say that my research paper on team creativity with recruitment and selection is now completed.

Besides studying at Khazar, living in Baku itself is a fulfilling experience. I have been living in Baku for two and half years and it feels like home. Indeed, culture here is not very different from my home country Afghanistan, so I can feel very confident and relaxed here like I am at home. Novruz celebrations here is my favorite and I’m looking forward to participate in celebrations this month.

Baku is a beautiful city, but I should also say this: never stick to this city while you have a chance travel to lots of other beautiful towns of Azerbaijan. I have visited Qabala, Shaki, Shahdagh, Ganja, and Nabran, which are very touristic places, and ideal for those who like nature. Shaki and Qabala are my favorites, I can’t describe now how beautiful the views were in those places.

Khazar university participates in Mevlana exchange program which gives students an opportunity to spend one or two semesters in Turkey and I didn’t miss this opportunity during my studies here either. I spend a semester in Selcuk University of Turkey, which is situated in Konya, a cozy city in Turkey. Spending a semester in that university with such a big campus was a great student experience and I also visited several cities in Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Cappadocia. Well, Cappadocia was my favorite of course, I recommend you to definitely visit there when you travel to Turkey. Especially, if you like both nature and history.

I once more thank to Khazar for providing us with many amazing opportunities. However, I have one request: Please move our studies to the main building of the University 😊

This is my last year in this University, but I am planning to do my PhD here as well, so I hope I’m not going to say goodbye soon.

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