On December 14, 2019 Khazar University international and local students made one-day trip to Ganja city. The trip was organized with the initiative of Asian community students, Dunya school student Araz Jabrailov and support of International Office. The first part of the trip aimed to see main attractions of the Ganja city, like Nizami mausoleum, Bootle house, Khan Bagi, Shah Abbas mosque, Javad khan grave and many others. Local student of Azerbaijan State Agricultural University Agasahib Gasimov was our guide throughout the city tour.

Following city tour, Khazar University students visited Ganja city Orphanage. During visit various presentations on different topics have been presented to the children by the students and Khazar University staff. Meanwhile, gifts for the children have been brought, such as books, stationery, language learning tools, boardgames, equipments for making crafts and so on.

For the opening part, before starting his presentation, Khazar University student Murtaza Afzali carried out energizer with the children. Afterwards he gave presentation on ‘UN – Sustainable Development Goals’. During the presentation children were informed UN goals and the presenter ensured children’s active participation. After his presentation, Khazar University International Office intern Aynur Abbassoy did a presentation on ‘Children who changed the World’ and the heroes like Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai, Reyhan Jamalova, Jack Andraka have been presented as a role models for them.

Followingly, Dunya school student Araz Jabrailov presented his project on ‘Youth Quality Education’ and highlighted the importance of education. Khazar University international student Imtiaz Ahmed made a fun, meanwhile informative ‘7 Worlds’ presentation to the children, the topic was on continents, oceans and Imtiaz ensured children’s active participation.

The last presentation was given by Khazar University International office staff and Beeco initiative founder Incha Aliyeva on ‘Existing Environmental issues and ways of the reduce environmental impact’. Children were informed types of environmental pollution, climate change, afforestation and deforestation.

In the end, Ganja orphanage children presented interesting dance performance.

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