On May 4, 2021, more than 70 students (from 49 countries) from 29 higher education institutions, including 3 students from Khazar University, visited the Military Trophies Park. During the visit, the students were informed in detail about the 44-day Karabakh War by the guides and representatives of the Ministry of Education, and were acquainted with the techniques used by Armenians against the civilian population and our soldiers. Students from Khazar University gave interviews to Azerbaijan State Television and other news agencies about their impressions.

Luke Adepoju Alamu (Khazar student)

 “As I explored the Militay Trophies park with my fellow international students from Khazar University and other Universities within Azerbaijan, I was happy and filled with excitement. But as happy as I was to witness an open display of military equipment in a miniature construct of the combat environment, I tried to re-live and imagine the plight of the fallen heroes who paid the ultimate price to ensure justice and territorial reclamation for Azerbaijan Republic. I realized how it also served as a painful reminder of the human and material cost of the conflict. I am glad the regions were liberated and returned to its rightful owners”.

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