Khazar University’s first year master’s student Abubakari Yushawu from Ghana shared his experiences at Khazar University. He is studying MA in Educational Management on full scholarship.

Where did you hear about Khazar University?

“I was lucky enough to see the announcement for Khazar University scholarships on Facebook and I didn’t miss the chance to apply. Luckily, I got 100% tuition waver scholarship.

How would you rate the study process and classes at Khazar University?

First of all, timetable for classes is very flexible and we have a lot of time for independent study and research. Most of the professors in my course are very supportive. I can consult them about my studies and research by visiting their offices and they are very helpful in this regard. Class discussions are also very useful as well for developing our insight on particular topics. Studying at Khazar can be challenging from time to time, but it is worth it if the outcome is high quality education like we get here.

What are your favorite subjects and research interests?

My favorite subject is financial accounting, mostly because I love math. I also like to do quantitative research addressing educational issues. I recently completed my research paper on “Impact of social media on graduate students’ learning outcomes” and I am planning to do a larger scale research on influence of internet fraud on education in Ghana, in my home country.

What would you want to be better at Khazar university?

Communication. Communication is sometimes really weak between students and administrative structures and it creates difficulties for us to get informed about important events and deadlines in time.

How has your experience been about living in Azerbaijan so far?

Well, if I have to characterize Azerbaijan in one sentence, I can say that Azerbaijan is a nice country of nice people who always want the best of everything. I experienced some culture shock when I first arrived here. For example, I had to change my greeting style/gestures first as it was misunderstood here sometimes. I also learned to offer my seat to ladies in public transport. One more thing I learned here was that you shouldn’t just approach girls in the street who don’t know you and talk to them. I tried it once and the reaction was not what I expected (laughing).

I already visited many sightseeings in Baku and loved it. I was planning to travel to Quba as well, but because of the approaching exams I had to postpone it.

What are you planning to do after graduating?

I am planning to pursue PhD studies after graduating from here and to continue my career in academia. Research and teaching are my biggest passions and I’d love to participate in improving higher education curriculum in Ghana to develop it to be more in compliance with local labor market demands”. Education in Ghana is based on a curriculum which does not reflect real market need and demands in the country and many graduates find it hard to find jobs corresponding to their skills. This problem should be addressed.

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