“I feel very lucky to be accepted to Khazar University with a scholarship,” says Lewis Omar Andrade de Bravado, who is currently pursuing his master’s degree in Oil and Gas Reservoir Reservoir Engineering. “I have always been interested in Petroleum Engineering. Ecuador, my home country, has rich oil reserves and petroleum engineering is a very popular profession there. I myself look forward to returning to Ecuador as a professional petroleum engineering and start applying skills I learned at Khazar University.”

“I like studying at Khazar. Both lecturers and subjects are very organized. Textbooks and study materials assigned to us are very detailed and interesting. Subjects that we are taught here, such as Oil Drilling as well as Advanced Production Engineering have enabled me to acquire new skills for my future professional career in my home country.”

Lewis admits that his first months in Azerbaijan were challenging but exciting, nevertheless. “My only challenge now is the language barrier – I do not speak Azerbaijani and cannot communicate with local people. I will enroll in an Azerbaijani language course at Khazar next semester.”

“Baku is a unique city that combines ancient and modern features. I have not traveled outside of Baku yet but plan on visiting other regions soon. I will most probably allocate my first 3 months after graduating to travelling through Caucasus, Asia, and Europe. Afterwards, I am planning to be back to Ecuador, my home country, to apply my skills as a professional there.”


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