I applied to Khazar University by the advice of a family friend, who had worked at this University.  I chose to study civil engineering, because it’s kind of our family profession, my father is also a chemical engineer and he is my idol as a professional in his field.


Studying here is rewarding in sense of growing as a professional of your chosen field. My favorite subject so far is Physics, because it gives me a chance to learn new things and theories that I didn’t knew before. Teaching methods are well-chosen, allowing students to acquire the knowledge more easily. When we learn about a theory in class, we learn examples around it and have practical tasks.


I have one request from the University, please provide us with a chance to take Russian language courses in the University, because Russian is also largely spoken in Baku and learning some basics would be very helpful 🙂


It’s my second year in Azerbaijan and it feels like home. People are very kind and sincere here and they do their best to help in case you need it. I traveled to Quba in summer, it was so beautiful and green.


After graduating from Khazar I am planning to work in Germany in civil engineering field. I believe the knowledge and skills at Khazar will allow me to get a job there. Here I mean both language and professional skills.


I recommend Khazar to everyone who wants to receive a good quality education. But I would advise them to come here prepared. I mean make sure your English knowledge is sufficient, because all classes are conducted in English here.

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