Salam and hello to everyone, I am Ahmet, from İzmir, Turkey, a 3rd-year student who studied business administration as an exchange student here at Khazar.


I’ve always wanted to visit Azerbaijan, but to go there on the Erasmus exchange program was a kind of novel thing to do, simply because everyone was going West. I, too, have an intention to go West-more about that later- but right about when I was thinking of where to go, this opportunity knocked my door, and I am very much glad that I took it. And here I am in the East, spending my final days in this beautiful country between the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea.


My first days were a bit of a nuisance for me, as I arrived late, but I quickly recovered and found the much-needed energy thanks to the energetic people at the İnternational Office and the Dean’s Office, and the good friends who did everything to make sure I felt home.


Classes were good, teachers fair, administration helpful. Students, in general, could use some more motivation, especially in terms of cultural and sportive activities. I happened to found a small court-tennis club(special thanks to İsahan müellim) and it didn’t get that much of attention, to be honest. But I’m glad I tried and thank those who did show their interest.


Life in Baku was generally good, people were helpful. I had enjoyed it with its ups and downs, just as one would have to do anywhere else in the world.


It is true that our language is almost the same, our culture similar, which was an argument against coming here according to some fellow international students, but I liked it. Yet I couldn’t help but feel that “familiar but strange” feeling most of the time. İt sure is a different experience in many ways.


My next “adventure” is in Zwickau, Germany. I’m already loving the Erasmus experience, which I hope to continue and broaden there.


I would like to thank everyone involved, for their good work, hospitality, and friendliness.


Best wishes to all,

Ahmet Coşkun

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