For the first time in Azerbaijan, The International Student Union (ISU) was created at Khazar University on the initiative by Khazar University International Affairs Office. The creation of such a union is important, regarding its role in developing leadership and communication skills and boosting a sense of belonging in international students, as well as effectively protecting students’ rights.


The International Student Council was decided to be the decision-making body of the ISU. To elect this body, the election was held on 18-21 October. Before the election day, Khazar University International Office asked international students to nominate themselves to be the voice of their community- Asia, Eurasia, Africa, and MENA. Following the nomination stage, the approved candidates were given one week to run an election campaign.


Generally, the idea of ISU received great attention from the international students of Khazar University as it was reflected in the election turnout. After votes were counted by Khazar University International Office, on the 22nd of October, the results were declared. Imtiaz Ahmed from the Asian region, Mohammed Abubakar Mohammed from the African region, Abdulhussein Alrubai from the MENA region, and Ahmet Coshkun from the Eurasian region were selected as the members to Council.


Khazar University International Office celebrated the election winners with a ‘Welcome Tea’ party. In this meeting, the staff members delivered a presentation about the general guidelines of the International Student Union and expressed their expectations from the ISU.


The University Management also welcomed the idea of the International Student Union. In the upcoming weeks, the ISU will present its charter to the University Management.


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