“Attending this Erasmus programme made it possible for me to visit all the splendid places in Europe, develop myself and apply what I had learned during my experience abroad as an Erasmus Student” – Meet Zaur Aliyev, one of the students of Khazar University who spent his Erasmus+ semester in Italy. 

Hi, everybody! 

My name is Zaur, and I am an exchange student from Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan. Right now, I am doing my exchange semester at Sapienza University, Rome. In this blog I wanted to share my impressions of visiting famous museums located in Europe, improving my knowledge about their culture and history, during my experience of being an Erasmus student. 

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 First of all, I would like to share my experience and knowledge about Rome. Rome is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. It has quite a rich history which is reflected in every piece of this city. Walking in the streets of Rome makes you mesmerized and fascinated seeing how it was possible to combine both historical and modern elements of the city. Attending this Erasmus programme made it possible for me to visit all the splendid places in Europe and gain a valuable experience that I always wanted to. Of course, given the opportunity, my goal was to pay a visit to as many museums as possible to familiarize myself with their history and local culture.

The first museum that I visited was the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Being in this museum was a dream that came true, as there were over hundreds of paintings, drawings and letters which belonged to Vincent Van Gogh. Amsterdam is Vincent’s homeland, which is why most of his famous paintings were there including Sunflowers, The Potato Eaters, and several Self-Portraits. 

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I also would like to mention that the city Amsterdam itself is a very beautiful and unique city. It is the city with the largest number of bicycles in the world. Another distinctive fact about Amsterdam is that there a lot of canals and bridges with colorful building all over the city. 

Next museum I visited was no less popular Louvre Museum. This is another fabulous and marvelous museum that once used to be a palace. In this museum, artworks from so many historical eras and places were gathered. I can certainly say that not even a day is enough to see all the pieces of art here. Each floor in this museum contained artworks referring to specific historical places. The ones I could visit were Egypt, Greece, France and Italy. 

Because of popularity of this art, there was a long queue waiting to take pictures of it. 

Speaking of City of Love, where Louvre Museum is located, it was unforgettable experience for me to see the sights of Paris. As it is well-known, Eiffel Tower is the symbol of this city. Although I think visiting Louvre is more valuable reason to visit Paris. 

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Last but not least, the museum I want to talk about is in Warsaw, Poland and called Copernicus Science Centre. The main distinction of this museum from the other two is that its theme is science. It is one of the largest science centers in Europe. There are over 400 exhibits there and the ones I saw were fascinating as they were showing interesting sides of physics laws, illusion and were fun in general. 

This was about all that I wanted to mention in this blog. If there is one thing about Erasmus porgramme I can say for sure is that it is worth a try.