With all this post-Covid depression and anxiety it was quite hard to make that decision. However, Italy is totally worth it! – Meet Khayal Aliyev, one of the students of Khazar University who spent his Erasmus+ semester in Italy.   

During the pandemic, I made a choice to go 4000 km away from my home country for a new adventure. With all this post-covid depression and anxiety it was quite hard to make that decision. However, Italy is totally worth it! 

My major is Civil Engineering. But, unfortunately, in Azerbaijan, not many people prefer this branch of engineering and improve thier skill in this field abroad. So, what could be a better option if it is not Italy?! A country where every city has an amazing history, mystical paintings, sculptures, and monuments. As a civil engineer, it is impossible not to be amazed when you are observing the design of the buildings in Italy.   

Long story short, I got the opportunity to get an education at one of the best engineering universities in the world, Politecnico di Torino. It is the oldest technical university in Italy. Imagine a university that was established in 1859!  

Erasmus is finding a new home! Almost fifty percent of the students are from different places from all around the world. It means you can make a friend from completely various spots. I can be a sample; I really had fun with my best friends whose names are Julietta from Argentina, Moustafa from Lebanon, Martina from Italy, Henrique from Brazil. I had a chance to taste their cuisine, to get to know diverse cultures and a lot of things even I cannot count!  

The city in which I am an exchange student, Turin is a city of industry (and football). Also, it is the birth town of the first King of Italy. If you are a modern-art person, you can enjoy its unique cultural streets and architecturally interesting buildings. Most travelers head to the Rome-Florence-Venice but Turin appears to remain off the tourists’ radar. With this Erasmus program, I had a chance to visit all the artistic cities even countries I wanted to go and discover all the beauties inside them.