Dear students, we invite you to the Instagram page of Mr. Ambassador (Instagram: @rodrigolabardini).

Mr. Ambassador: The photographs are a reflection of the journey that started with pictures I took of my son born 21 years ago. I liked the photographs because he is my son. But to be frank, deep inside me I knew the photographs were lacking several elements, composition, creativity, lighting, and many other issues. Starting at that time, I began the quest to find the perfect photo for my children. Ever since, I have been in this saga, making several mistakes, and learning the hard way. While there will always be opportunities to improve and develop a better picture, it all seems to come to fruition. You will see the results on my Instagram account (@rodrigolabardini). I am posting one picture daily, mainly from Azerbaijan, but there will be occasional pictures from other places I have visited during my life. The pictures of Azerbaijan are presented follow the general idea of “Azerbaijan, from within, from outside”, since I am currently living in Azerbaijan, but I am from outside. They present the same places and some new ones, but with a different air. Hence, they also portray the Azerbaijan that has surprised and amazed me, as I have seen and lived in a city that surpasses imagination, food that mesmerizes all of us and makes us want to savor more and to uncover the paths to views and life.

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