“World and Khazar” series: interviews with international students – Kristina Rechkunova

How did you hear about Khazar University?

Once I graduated from high school I decided to study in Azerbaijan and explore this country where my father was born. However, I had very little information about universities in Azerbaijan, so I started to ask advice from students studying in Azerbaijan and getting their feedback in different forums. I checked universities’ websites, finding their students online and asking about their universities. I was very careful not to choose a corrupt university and I finally made up my mind to apply to Khazar University, which didn’t fail my expectations indeed. Everything is very transparent here and education is in English.


How would you rate your studies here?

Well, the quality of education is very good, but if I have to be frank, it could be more challenging. I want the content of textbooks and requirements to pass to be harder. Teachers are real professionals, and we never have a class talking around nonsense. Classes are very lively instead, and we spend the whole lesson learning and discussing. I went to the organization of Ernst &Young for interview and they were surprised that I answered all the question about financial management and taxation asked during the interview just because I learned them at University. It’s good that university curriculum is very practical here. I enjoy learning and especially love courses related to numbers and quantities.


What would you want to be better at Khazar university?

I should admit that the quality of education here is higher than I expected. Exams are fair and transparent and lecturer’s approach towards students are always objective. Grading and credit system here is the same as Europe, so I would say clearer. However, when it comes to extracurricular activities, there is not enough. We have almost no sport opportunities, like volleyball and basketball, which I would love to be involved in. This is hard to accept for someone like me who likes sport and loves running 😊.

I would also want the lecturers to have joint research with talented students to increase their motivation for research and innovation. They should encourage students in this regard.

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How has your experience been about living in Azerbaijan so far?

I love Baku. I live in the downtown, in a beautiful part of the city. People are very nice and welcoming. Cost of living is quite affordable. Moreover, there are a lot of places for entertainment here, so it is never boring. Beautiful beaches, running clubs, restaurants, karaoke clubs, nice areas to walk, these all enable you to enjoy your time in Baku. I have also visited Masalli and Qabala, loved the waterfall in Masalli and mountains in Qabala. I would love to join if the university organizes trips to Azerbaijan’s regions.

What I am not used to in Azerbaijan is that Victory Day (9 May) is not as festive here as it is in Russia. We used to celebrate it widely in Russia, talking to war veterans and singing songs for them. I wish it was the same here, because it is also my birthday


What are your plans after graduation?

I’ll seek for a career in accountancy and I’m seeing myself as an accountant. However, I haven’t decided yet whether to stay in Azerbaijan or leave 😊

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