University is not only about education, but also about knowledge and experience that are given to the alumni to follow them through their entire professional careers, during their lives. With this knowledge and experience, graduates take considerable steps on the road to success. Khazar University delivers expertise and intelligence to the students to create a successful mindset, which is a keystone for a bright future.

Higher education

The university provides an opportunity to achieve high quality of education by the means of modern technology and personal approach. The diversity of educational departments allows students to choose their desired field of study. Communicating with top-scholars, our students are well-prepared to accomplish impressive academic results.


A beautiful country in Eurasia with a combination of traditional cultures and international touches. Known globally as the Land of Fire with a magnificent nature and a range of diverse climate zones, it possesses plenty of unique cultural heritage sites, three of which have been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to its glamour, traditional dishes and the tea culture are also worth mentioning elements of this amazing place of different civilisations.


The endeavour brings victory. Research centres and labs are of great importance in putting a theory into practice in the academic environment. The students can conduct groundbreaking research and write their names in the history of science. Then, a positive difference is to be made!


Affordability is one of the key points that makes this place unique besides the beauty. Likewise, the cost-effectiveness does not limit the distinctive quality of education of the university. Students can enjoy student life while studying at one of the most reputable universities in the region.


The academic programmes of Khazar University are recognised by the Ministry of Education of The Republic of Azerbaijan, being compatible from their equivalents globally. The university has many agreements and partnership initiatives as well as mobility exchange linkages with educational institutions around the world. Get on board and let’s sail on together! We are always leading the way!