University offers broad programme of lectures and forums along with student performances, music events, festivals.

Student clubs and societies forging the core of students’ extracurricular life in Khazar. Graduate Students Council (GSC) is the principal student hub of the Master, PhD and professional degree students of Khazar University. Additionally, there are various student clubs aimed to increase student engagement and enrich student experiences, such as Humor Club, Dancing Club, Foreign Languages Club.

Orientation Day

Orientation Day is an information packed day during the Orientation Week where newly arrived international students will receive information about practical matters such as banking, health care, student life, Azerbaijani language courses.

In the interim, International Student handbook provides all the useful information for the student life.


  • Library Information Center
  • International Student Support
  • Career Center
  • Student Ombudsman
  • Cultural Center
  • Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Healthcare Center
  • Psychological Counseling Center



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