Mevlana Exchange Programme

Mevlana Exchange Programme is a programme which aims at the exchange of students and academic staff between Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of other countries. Azerbaijani students may study in Turkey for one (minimum) or two (maximum) terms and academic staff may lecture abroad from one week (minimum) to three months (maximum).

What does Mevlana mean?

The programme is named after worldly renowned poet and thinker Mevlana Muhammed Jelaleddin. He is known as Rumi in the West. Mevlana lived in the 13th century, but as a Sufi who got beyond the ages with his works, did not make any discrimination between people as indicated in his verse “Come, come whoever you are.” His mercy, voluntary and unlimited humanity, endless tolerance impressed not only the world of Islam but also the whole humanity. The 800th anniversary of Mevlana’s birth in 2007 was declared by UNESCO as the year of Rumi.


Application Requirements for the Programme



List of Turkish Partner-Universities within Mevlana 2020-2021  

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